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Roman Blinds


Roman Blinds

Wintree's Roman Blind range utilises curtain fabrics and lining from our extensive curtain range. A Roman Blind offers a clean tidy look and can be positioned either inside or outside the window frame/opening allowing the blind to be raised above the window thus not restricting the view. Roman Blinds can be lined the same way as a curtain is lined, to give complete block out or using polyester cotton lining that is translucent but provides the base curtain fabric protection from the sun.

A Roman blind is the perfect solution where you do not have any stack room for a curtain but still desire a curtain design or wish to match existing curtains.

This is the traditional method utilising a wooden batten at the top of the Roman blind with the fabric attached to (normally stapled) with metal eyes screwed into the headrail so cords can be threaded through it.

A more recent innovation utilising an aluminium headrail internal tilt rod cord spooling cones with a chain drive mechanism at the end of the headrail. Fabric is secured to headrail using Velcro. Velcro taped to aluminium headrail and corresponding Velcro sewn into the top of the fabric.

Whether it is plains, jacquards, textured or crushed look we have a range of fabrics to choose from for your Roman blinds including linings to suit.

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Roman Blinds