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Vertical Blinds


Verticals Blinds

Wintree vertical blinds add a new dimension to home or office interiors, they are versatile, low maintenance and give you the ability to control privacy and light. Vertical window shades can be designed to add character or compliment a sophisticated subtle design in any interior décor.

Wintree verticals come in an expansive range of colors and designs and can be operated by either a wand or cord control system.The unique wand system that is unobtrusive also has been designed with safety in mind with no cords hanging from the vertical blind.

Vertical blinds create a pleasant ambience as well as protecting furnishings and carpets from harmful sunlight. All vertical blinds have an automatic self aligning mechanism to evenly distribute the vertical blades giving you maximum coverage across the window.

There are a number of vertical blade options and the ability to have the vertical blinds opening from the centre or from either side of the window. Wintree vertical blinds are mounted on colour coordinated tracks that are corrosion resistant and blend in with the vertical blades.

  • ::  Comprehensive colour range
  • ::  Powder coated aluminium railings to coordinate (optional)
  • ::  Wand control, safe for children and easy to operate
  • ::  ption of a centre or side opening
  • ::  Automatic self-aligning mechanism for even distribution of blades