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Wooden Blinds


Wooden Blinds

Precision crafted from the finest hard-woods, including genuine oak and cherry, Wintree Wood blinds exude tradition and character. The warm wood tones of these horizontal blinds enhance any room, be it a bookcase-lined home office, a country kitchen or a tailored bedroom.

Wooden Blinds are an elegant and practical addition to any indoor space! Its versatility allows for matching most designs, providing either a modern, fun look as well as a more traditional classic appearance. The Wood Blind slats are usually wider than Aluminium types, therefore it gives more privacy, preventing forms and shapes to be seen from the outside, also making it easier to clean. Great control over light is also a highlight, as you can adjust the slats up or downwards, depending on how much light/privacy you wish, or even blocking outside lights if you wish. Moreover, they have UV protection finish, making it more durable. Our beautiful range goes from Basswood to Pine Wood in beautiful and trendy colours to suit any environment. Our standard slat size is 50mm but you may also choose 35mm to ensure a perfect match for your design plans!

These new wooden blinds are exceptionally durable, lightweight, and cost-efficient – lifting the standard for venetian window blinds. They are very practical and offer a smart appearance while setting the right light ambience in your room.

Natural wood look or neutral tones to support any décor You can get the richness and warmth of the natural timber look to add character to any room. Or choose one of the fashionable painted designer colours to match your indoor environment.

Our wooden venetian blinds are smooth to raise and lower. There are cords to tilt slats, and other cords to raise & lower the blind, with a special steel lock to firmly hold the position you set. You can choose the cords to be all on the left or right, or separate – one pair on each side.

Blind Fabric Available in :

Bass Wood