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Zebra Blinds


Zebra Blinds

Zebra blinds are the way to go when you cannot afford plantation shutters and don't like venetian blinds. The zebra blind works like a dual roller blind and looks like a shutter when looking at from a distance. This type of blinds is very popular because of its modern & stylish feature.

Also known as Day and Night blinds, they are a contemporary alternative to vertical blinds. The Zebra Roller Blinds let you adjust the position to your desired privacy and light setting for enhanced flexibility.

Choose how and when light filters into your room and alter your privacy levels with this modern take on traditional vertical blinds. Stylish and flexible Zebra Window Blinds are a popular choice in kitchens and living areas.

Blind Fabric Available in :

Dimout  |  Translucent  |  Large selection of materials in many different designs